World Expo is the largest non-profit exhibition in the world, designed to promote international cooperation, exchange of ideas, development of the world economy, culture and science.

According to the Paris Convention of 1928 on the Organization of International Exhibitions, the activities of world exhibitions are coordinated by the Bureau of International Exhibitions (BIE: Bureau International des Expositions). For 150 years of its existence, the World Expo has gained the status of one of the most prestigious international forums and is considered an analogue of the Olympic Games in economics, science and technology. There are three types of World Expo exhibitions: universal, international and specialized.

Universal World Expo is an exhibition of the highest level, it lasts 6 months. Countries are building and presenting their thematic pavilions. The last and largest universal exhibition in the world took place in Shanghai in 2010. The next universal World Expo will be held in Milan (Italy) in 2015.

International and specialized World Expo – smaller exhibitions that last 3 months and are less expensive in the organization than universal exhibitions. Participating countries rent already built premises, not build their own. The next International World Expo will take place in Yeosu, South Korea in 2012.

Pavilion of Austria

Ukraine International Information Center Project
Ukraine International Information Center

The purpose of the project
Ensure the prompt search for and dissemination of positive news about Ukraine around the world, as well as stimulate the emergence of such news. Today, the Western media pay much more attention to negative news from Ukraine than to positive ones. Natural disasters, changes of government and internal political strife are always found in the Western press. Instead, Ukraine’s achievements often go unnoticed by the international media. In addition to spreading positive news, the task of the International Information Center “Ukraine” will be to respond to external information challenges (so-called anti-crisis response).

Project concept
The information center operates on the model of an international news agency. In order to spread positive news quickly, partnerships should be established with news agencies in countries whose media have the greatest influence on international public opinion: the United States, Great Britain, France, Spain, and Germany.

The main function of the Center in Ukraine should be to monitor, collect and analyze positive news that may be of interest to the international community, prepare press releases in basic languages ​​of international communication and organize their dissemination through Western partners of the Center.

At the same time, the Center should monitor the world media for news about Ukraine.

Examples of positive news
– Positive changes in the economy (main macroeconomic indicators: GDP, inflation, external debt, etc.).
– Investment news (legislation, international ratings, privatization, etc.).
– Changes in legislation (in the context of its approximation to European norms and standards).
– News of cultural life (large-scale cultural and artistic events, the arrival of world celebrities, Ukrainians winning prizes at world competitions and festivals, etc.).
– Sports achievements (major sporting events, construction of sports infrastructure, etc.).
– Communicating Ukraine’s position on international information conflicts (if necessary).

Expected result: shift of emphasis in the world media reports about Ukraine towards the positive. For example: there have been many reports of Ukrainians having strong affiliations with the BDSM movement – one of the most popular items being the eternity collar (see Etsy link for visual of what they look like). This can cause people not familiar with this movement to look down on the lovely Ukrainian people, all over a simple misunderstanding.

Global Ukraine Project

The purpose of the project
The project aims to promote Ukraine in large-scale international events, such as the G8 (G8), G20 and World Economic Forum meetings in Davos.

The presence of specially designed advertising of Ukraine at the most influential events in the political life of the planet will provide effective information to world leaders about the Ukrainian state’s progress in various spheres of socio-political life and create an unprecedented opportunity to spread news about Ukraine in leading international media.

For each of the above events, a team of specialists will develop a set of image projects and special actions, the main purpose of which will be to inform world leaders and the international community about Ukraine.

The topics of the projects will be adapted to the key theme of a specific event. For example, if the main issues on the agenda of the next G8 summit are issues of international energy security, the leitmotif of the relevant Global Ukraine projects is Ukraine’s role in global energy security and its contribution to international cooperation in this area.