This section presents visual elements of the national brand that combine a long-standing Ukrainian tradition, innovative perspective and modern design.

The National Agency for the preparation and holding of the final part of the European football championship in Ukraine presented the logo of Ukraine for Euro 2012. the logo is based on a sunflower flower-one of the favorite and well-known Ukrainian images. According to the idea, the Sunflower flower will convey the image of Ukraine filled with warmth, love and hospitality, where everyone will feel like a guest who is always expected here. For cases where the use of a color logo is not possible, the developers have offered black-and-white versions of the logo.

The creator of the sign of the country was the winner of the creative competition for the best logo of Ukraine — designer of the international company “Saatchi Saatchi” Andrey Krysenkov. The competition was held by the state enterprise “communications center “Ukraine-Universe”.

The logo is designed for general presentation purposes within the framework of the concept of the brand “Ukraine”. The logo is an image that symbolizes the rapid, dynamic movement of Ukraine forward — with loyalty to traditions and, at the same time, with compliance with the spirit and requirements of the time. The logo consists of several interrelated parts: the inscription “UKRAINE”, made in a bright original form with ethnic motifs, as well as a slogan that declares the vector of Ukraine’s movement in the world space, about the course of rapid growth.

The inscription “UKRAINE”, in turn, can be divided into several semantic and graphic components.

Ukraine. Moving in the fast lane the slogan reveals the main message: Ukraine is a modern country that chooses the path of dynamic transformation, lives a turbulent social life and is open to dialogue with the international community. “Moving in the fast lane” is a well-established expression in English (literal translation: Ukraine. Driving in a high-speed lane”). This expression is used as a metaphor when it comes to a person who is accompanied by success, who keeps up with the Times, is not afraid of justified risks, is not afraid of difficulties.

The slogan can be adapted to information campaigns, special projects and events that are planned as part of a branding strategy (for example, “Ukraine. Business in the fast lane” or “Ukraine. New experiences in the fast lane»).

The logo can be placed in television and print advertising, on stationery and gift products, exhibition stands, external and internal elements of buildings, thematic pages on the Internet, in electronic presentations, etc.

Characters-symbols of the brand “Ukraine”: Sprytko and Garnyunya<br > characters-symbols of Sprytka and Garnyunya were chosen as symbols for the branding strategy of Ukraine. The characters are made in the popular “anime” style, aimed at both children’s and adult audiences.

According to the idea, the image of Spritz embodies the qualities of a modern Ukrainian young man, a typical representative of progressive Ukrainian youth. He is characterized by a bright flexible mind, High Education, positive thinking, curiosity and openness to the perception of everything new and progressive, social and civic activity, initiative, leadership.

Garnyunya is the personification of a modern, fun, beautiful, smart and charismatic Ukrainian girl. Garnyunya is a bright representative of the female half of Ukrainians. She is both soft and independent, strong and wise, well-educated and creatively gifted.

Depending on the specific goals, characters can be used either together or separately. According to the idea, you can build storylines, where each of the characters will be assigned a separate role.

 A male character can be represented in different images. In a business suit, he will be a metaphor for improving the development of the business environment in Ukraine, improving the investment climate and deepening Ukraine’s integration into the global economy; in a sports uniform with a ball in his hands, he can, for example, announce a large-scale sporting event; in a ski suit, the character will be associated with the development of tourism; in a cap, he will refer to Ukraine’s strong position in aircraft construction.

The ornament developed within the framework of the concept of the brand “Ukraine” is made based on the traditional symbol of Ukraine “beregini” — the feminine principle, one of the oldest Ukrainian symbols, which has its roots reaching thousands of years of depth. The motif of a geometric ornament is combined, formed by combining the main elements: squares and rhombuses. The Rhombus is a symbol of fertility. The pattern of the ornament contains a conditional geometric image of a flower and a viburnum branch. The flower is a symbol of the Sun-Life, Prosperity. Viburnum branch is a symbol of the tree of the genus.