The purpose of the project
Creation within the framework of the information campaign Ukraine. All about U modern and powerful information portal about Ukraine, which will contain comprehensive information about our country, its history and culture, political system, economy and investment opportunities, achievements and potential, as well as tourist resources.

The information portal of Ukraine will become a basic source of information about Ukraine on the Internet, which will also be actively used in international marketing campaigns. The portal will be developed in accordance with the latest trends in web development, will be full of video and photo materials. Its task is to convey the atmosphere of Ukraine as accurately as possible, ie to influence the level of sensations more than the level of the rational. In addition, the portal will be an excellent platform for promoting Ukraine in new media and social networks.

Information portal concept
The name of the site duplicates the name of information campaigns dedicated to Ukraine, which will be organized on the world’s leading TV channels.
Submission of information in the style of a photo album – with the predominance of the visual component over the text.
The key message of the portal: “Ukraine is modern, interesting, refined and diverse.”
The portal will acquaint with seven selected cities of Ukraine, with its outstanding citizens, history and achievements; each city will have a leading theme that will set it apart from other cities (say, fashion, cuisine, art, shopping, sports, etc.).
A separate large section of the portal will be dedicated to great Ukrainians – historical figures and our contemporaries, as well as our compatriots who have unusual professions or exotic hobbies.

Site structure
The site will be divided into basic sections (approximate list):

Travel to Ukraine (Carpathians, Crimea).
Discover Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Sevastopol, Kharkiv).
We are Ukrainians (historical personalities and outstanding contemporaries).
Our culture (traditions, crafts, art – classical and modern, music).
Invest in Ukraine (economic overview of economic sectors, legislation, investment climate and attractive for investors).
Find business partners in Ukraine (recommendations and dossiers for companies looking for partners abroad).
Euro – 2012 (comprehensive information on the preparation and course of the championship, useful information for tourists and fans).

IPad Ukraine program
iPad is a technological innovation from the world-famous company Apple, which since its launch in early 2010 has become the undisputed world leader among portable mobile computers. This popular device is used today by millions of people around the world. The iPad quickly became a favorite of world politicians, businessmen, managers, famous statesmen and public figures. The secret to the growing popularity of this tablet is the ease of use of its unique applications (iPad Applications), with which device owners can perform many useful actions and functions, and most importantly, receive the necessary information in a convenient format.

The aim of this project is to create an iPad Ukraine program that will allow millions of iPad owners to receive news and useful information about Ukraine in the latest format. In particular, a program will be created under the website www.ukraineallaboutu.com.

The uniqueness of this project is that if implemented, Ukraine will be the first country to have its own iPad program.

World Expo Ukraine Project
The purpose of the project
Develop the concept of the Ukrainian pavilion and implement it at the World Expo to demonstrate Ukraine’s achievements in the field of economy, science and technology.

Since the international exhibition in Brisbane in 1988, the World Expo has been a platform for participating countries to improve their image on the international stage. In 2000, 73% of World Expo participants confirmed that the main purpose of participating in the exhibition was to improve their country’s reputation in the world. That is why Ukraine’s representation at the World Expo should become an important component of Ukraine’s national branding strategy.

Due to the low level of Ukraine’s representation at the World Expo in Shanghai, the President established the Exhibition Council to increase the representation of Ukraine and domestic enterprises in exhibitions and fairs and ensure proper implementation of export and scientific and technical potential of the state.

In order to effectively represent Ukraine at exhibitions in Ios and Milan, the Council should:

to develop a modern concept of representation of Ukraine;
to hold a competition and involve a professional PR and marketing team for the design and presentation of the pavilion;
to hold an international competition among architects and designers for the best design of the pavilion for the exhibition in Milan;
involve a professional team that will work with exhibitors and accredited media.