Passport of standards of the Ukraine brand
Instructions governing the rules of use and placement of design elements of the brand “Ukraine”.

Ukraine. Moving in the fast lane “requires high-quality printing with accurate preservation of all its visual elements and colors. The logo has basic dimensions. It is fundamentally important to preserve the proportions of the logo. The minimum indentation to text blocks is 1/3 of the height of the logo.

The slogan is an integral part of the logo and as an image cannot be used separately from other elements of the logo. Textual mention of the slogan in information messages in the media with reference to its affiliation to the branding strategy of Ukraine is allowed. The logo and slogan are made in a certain color scheme using a specially designed font.

For cases when it is not possible to use the color version of the logo, black and white versions have been developed.

A white background is standard for the logo. It is also allowed to use the logo on any light monochrome base color base. Examples of using the logo on a solid color background are given below.

If it is necessary to place the logo on dark colored substrates, either a white background version of the logo or a logo on a plate with a light base color substrate is used. Similarly, on a plate with a lining of a light base color, the logo is placed on a non-uniform background.

The use of the logo is not allowed

It is forbidden to use the logo if it does not withstand one of the approved color options.

It is forbidden to place the logo without a die on an inhomogeneous or photographic background.

It is forbidden to use a font other than the approved one, or to change any components of the logo.

It is forbidden to change the proportions of the logo.

It is forbidden to layer other images on the logo.

It is forbidden to tear the image of the logo and slogan.

Ukraine brand font
As part of the work on the concept of the brand “Ukraine” developed a special font “Ukraine Dynamic”, the name of which symbolizes the dynamic progressive movement of Ukraine. This font is used for headings. The font “Ukraine Dynamic” is the basis of the image of the logo and slogan of the brand “Ukraine”. Here are the Ukrainian and English versions of this font.

Color scale of the Ukraine brand
The Ukraine brand has its own color scheme, where each color, in accordance with Ukrainian folk tradition, carries its own content.

Gold traditions
Pantone 125 Ref
C: 27 M: 40 Y: 100 K: 4

The golden color symbolizes the Sun, whose generosity has always been the key to prosperity; it is also a symbol of the divine in human life.

The secret of life
Pantone 375 Ref
C: 39 M: 0 Y: 75 K: 0

Green – the color of nature, spring renewal, beauty and youth; it is also the color of hope, harmony, peace.

The generosity of the earth
Pantone Black 4 Ps
C: 60 M: 70 Y: 73 K: 80

Black symbolizes the fertile land, the greatest value of the Ukrainian for many centuries; black is also a component of the Ukrainian dual worldview, and a stripe that is always close to the red color of life.

The unity of heaven and water
Pantone 281 Ref
C: 100 M: 84 Y: 22 K: 7

Blue is the color of the sky and water, the color of infinity; it is also a symbol of fidelity, honesty, nobility.

The radiance of the snow
Pantone 642 Ref
C: 14 M: 3 Y: 2 K: 0

White is a symbol of purity; white is the beginning, a blank sheet; with white we associate the idea of ​​correct, clear, true, bright.

Smile of the sun
Pantone 109 Ref
C: 1 M: 13 Y: 97 K: 0

Bright yellow color – a symbol of joy, happiness, optimism, freedom; yellow – the color of ripe fruit, grain, symbolizes prosperity.

Recipe for passion
Pantone 1797 Ps
C: 2 M: 98 Y: 85 K: 7

Red – the color of life, strength, energy, passion, initiative and perseverance. In Ukrainian traditional symbolism, red in combination with black reflects the duality of reality.

Morning fog
Pantone 140 Ps
C: 8 M: 9 Y: 14 K: 24

Gray is the color of the “transition” from black to white, a symbol of borderline, mysterious and mysterious interzone, a mystical beginning in the Ukrainian traditional worldview.

Standards of ornament of the Ukraine brand
The following techniques for making the ornament of the Ukraine brand have been approved:

in the form of lines;

round dots;

square dots.

The approved colors of the ornament of the Ukraine brand are: red 1797 Ps, black Black 4 Ps, gray 140 Ps. The use of a graduated color variant is allowed.