To conduct this study, the online survey method was used as a way to study public opinion.
The survey was conducted in December 2010 in five leading EU countries — Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Italy.
The target audience of the study included mainly people with a well-formed civic position and ideological foundations. Main categories of respondents:
foreign tourists who travel frequently; business owners, senior and middle management; officials who influence the formation of public opinion; residents of large cities; media representatives.Division of respondents by gender: 47 % — men, 53 % — women.
The number of respondents was 2,000 + respondents.
The main goal of the study is to form the basis for the development strategy of the brand “Ukraine”, taking into account the main components that affect the image of Ukraine, determined by interviewing the target audience.
Questions to respondents should have been identified:
positive and negative aspects of the perception of our state; characteristics of Ukrainians; visual images related to Ukraine; advantages of our state in the tourism sector; availability of a favorable business climate and investment conditions; knowledge about famous Ukrainians.The results of the study were used as the basis for the strategy of creating a positive image of Ukraine and promoting its brand abroad.
Never been interested in Ukraine
Superficially familiar with Ukraine
Well informed about Ukraine
Level of awareness about Ukraine the study revealed a predominantly low level of awareness about Ukraine. Almost 64% of respondents have never been interested in our state or remember only some facts from the news about Ukraine, 22% are superficially familiar with Ukraine, and only 14% are well — informed about Ukraine, because they have been or regularly visit Ukraine, are interested in news from Ukraine.
Of the five Western European countries surveyed, France has the lowest level of awareness of Ukraine (77% of the uninitiated), and Italy has the highest level (3% of the uninitiated).
Indicators of awareness among men and women are almost the same: low awareness: 68 % — men and 69 % — women; high awareness: 5 % — men and 8 % — women.
Among the age categories, the lowest level of awareness about Ukraine was demonstrated by the age groups “under 20 years” (74 %) and “51 years and older” (71 %).
Middle — aged respondents have the highest degree of awareness about Ukraine.
Hard work
It’s hard to answer
Ethnic stereotypes foreigners ‘ assessment of the traits most inherent in Ukrainians as representatives of an ethnic group revealed a low degree of certainty of foreigners on this issue. On average, 36% of respondents found it difficult to choose their own answer option from the 11 suggested characteristics.
The most characteristic features of Ukrainians were: Hospitality (54 %), hard work (53%), dignity (50%) and discipline (47%).
The least inherent features of Ukrainians, according to foreigners, are tolerance (38 %), creativity (36 %) and reliability (last place, 35% of respondents).
Cultural and historical monuments
Rural tourism
Nature reserves
Festival tourism
Seaside resorts
Eco tourism
It’s hard to answer
Promising types of tourism this issue turned out to be problematic for foreign respondents. About 37% of respondents found it difficult to assess these types of tourism due to the prospects for their development in Ukraine.
The study showed that along with two leading indicators-visiting cultural and historical monuments (1st place, 56 %) and rural tourism (44%) — the respondents also consider nature reserves (44 %) and festival tourism (39%) to be promising types of Tourism for Ukraine.
The” top three outsiders “in this indicator are formed by” seaside resorts “and” eco-tourism “(both 34% each), as well as” pilgrimage ” (23 %).
Attractive for tourists
Characteristics of Ukraine for foreign citizens, Ukraine is primarily an agrarian (66% of respondents believe so) and a religious country (55 %). Only half of the foreigners surveyed believe that Ukraine is a European country.
At the same time, every fifth person (20 %) found it difficult to answer the question: “is Ukraine a European country?”, and every twentieth (5%) answered that “definitely not European”.
On the fourth place of the rating of associations with our state is “dynamism of development” (42 %), on the fifth — “attractiveness for tourists” (41 %).
Foreigners associate Ukraine with personal security to the least extent: only 25% believe that it is safe or mostly safe in Ukraine.
Traditions and history
Sports achievements
Ukrainian music
National cuisine
Quality medical care
Fashion industry
Investment attractiveness
It’s hard to answer
Components of the modern image of Ukraine the majority of foreigners agree that Ukraine is known in the world for its traditions and historical heritage (62% of respondents).
Other factors that determine the positive image of Ukraine in the world, according to respondents, are arranged in the following order: sports achievements of Ukraine (49%), Ukrainian music (39%), national cuisine (38 %).
Foreigners are least likely to attribute high-quality medical care to the advantages of Ukraine in Ukraine and in the Ukrainian fashion industry (15% each).
25% of respondents consider Ukraine attractive for investment, while 38% do not have their own opinion on the positive aspects of the modern image of Ukraine.
Cultural / historical heritage
Nature / Environment
Visibility of Ukraine in the sports arena
Development of democracy and freedoms
Factors of perception of Ukraine have the greatest impact on the perception of Ukraine and Ukrainians: cultural/historical heritage (44 %), Nature/Environment (35 %), visibility of Ukraine in the sports arena (31 %), the level of development of democracy and freedoms (31 %).
The availability of consumer goods (24 %) and ease of doing business (23%) have the least impact on the image of Ukraine.
Petrikov painting
Contemporary art
Carpathian carving
Ukrainian embroidery
It’s hard to answer
Visual stereotypes are most strongly associated by foreigners with Easter eggs (37%) and Petrikov’s painting (17%).
Only 16% of respondents associate Ukraine with contemporary art, while 11% associate it with Carpathian carvings. Only 7% chose Ukrainian embroidery. It was difficult to answer the question for 12% of respondents.
Andriy Shevchenko
The Klitschko Brothers
Sergey Bubka
Mila Jovovich
Viktor Yushchenko
Yulia Tymoshenko
Viktor Yanukovych

They don’t know anyone
Other options
The most famous Ukrainians, according to foreign citizens, are: Andriy Shevchenko (26 %), the Klitschko brothers (24 %), Serhiy Bubka (7 %), Milla Jovovich (5.5 %). Among Ukrainian politicians, foreigners are best known for Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko (both 6% each), as well as Viktor Yanukovich (3 %). About 5% of respondents said that they do not know famous Ukrainians.
An interesting fact is that the most famous Ukrainian in Italy is Andriy Shevchenko — 80 %, in Germany they know mainly the brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko — 70 %.
Among the famous Ukrainians were also mentioned: Taras Shevchenko, Mykola Gogol, Golda Meyer, Ruslana Lyzhichko, Anatoly Tymoshchuk.
Economically stable
Safe and accessible
EU member
Politically stable
Modern and modernized
Traditional and original
Other suggestions
How Europeans want to see Ukraine first of all, foreigners want to see Ukraine Democratic (25%), open (15 %) and economically stable (14 %).
According to the survey participants, the state should also be: safe and accessible to tourists (10 %); a member of the EU (9 %); politically stable (5 %); modern and modernized (4 %); hospitable (3 %); traditional and original (3 %).
Other suggestions included the following::
Ukraine should be cosmopolitan; independent of Russia’s influence; actively use non-traditional and renewable energy sources; pay attention to environmental issues; create new jobs.
Picturesque nature
Architecture and cultural and historical monuments
Hospitality and sincerity of Ukrainians
Beauty of Ukrainian women
Availability of recreation
Euro 2012
Night club life
It’s hard to answer
Among the most significant reasons that encourage foreigners to visit Ukraine are: picturesque nature (30%), architecture and cultural and historical monuments (30%), hospitality and sincerity of the local population (10%), national cuisine (7%), beauty of Ukrainian women (6 %). Every tenth person who preferred Ukrainian nature would like to visit a Ukrainian Village.
About 7% of respondents are attracted by the availability of holidays in Ukraine, although foreigners generally do not associate Ukraine with a popular tourist destination. About 3% of respondents noted Euro 2012 as a reason to visit Ukraine. Night club life attracts 2% of foreigners.
Interestingly, 30% of Spaniards want to get acquainted with traditional Ukrainian cuisine, 36% of Italians — with Ukrainian women.
Almost 5% of foreigners could not give a reason that would encourage them to visit Ukraine.
Conclusions The conducted sociological Internet study revealed a rather low level of awareness of foreigners about Ukraine and Ukrainians. A significant part of the respondents could not answer the questions raised.
Among the five developed Western European countries, Ukraine and its citizens are least known in France, and most of all in Italy.
The most informed people about Ukraine are people aged 21-40 years, that is, young people and middle-aged people.
As for the stereotypes in the perception of Ukrainians, they are considered more hospitable and hardworking than creative and reliable.
In the eyes of foreigners, Ukraine is a tourist-attractive country due to its cultural and historical heritage, rural tourism and nature reserves. Seaside resorts, eco-tourism and pilgrimage are not considered the most promising tourist destinations in Ukraine.