The results of a survey conducted in Europe on the perception of Ukraine and Ukrainians helped to identify the main components of the strategy of positioning the state abroad, as well as to develop tools for implementing this strategy. The proposed developments are aimed both at working with existing stereotypes in the perception of Ukraine and Ukrainians, and at applying them in line with the priorities that will be set before the country in the future.

The conceptual basis and the central system-forming element of all projects and information campaigns of the branding strategy of Ukraine is the concept of “Ukraine. All about U », which can be translated into Ukrainian as« Ukraine. Everything about you, everything about Ukraine. “

The proposed information campaigns, special projects, promotions and areas in which we propose to implement them are not the final list. They also do not cover all possible areas in which work can be done to improve Ukraine’s image abroad. These projects, each of which is designed to reveal a certain aspect of Ukrainian life for a specific target audience, are rather an approximate set of tools through which Ukraine’s branding strategy can be implemented. Nevertheless, the implementation of the proposed projects can radically change the perception of Ukraine in the world.

Among the not covered, but extremely important vectors of efforts, of course, should be mentioned: establishing cooperation with the Ukrainian diaspora in different countries; use of new media, including popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); popularization of modern Ukrainian literature in the world, etc.

A set of measures within the concept of “Ukraine. All about U ”is structured according to the principle“ from general to specific ”: information in the first wave of projects is aimed at the general presentation of Ukraine to the world (tourism opportunities, investment attractiveness, etc.), while second wave programs and actions carry more specific (ethnotourism, investments in specific industries and national projects, etc.).

In the Figure of the Brand Umbrella, this approach is schematically represented by the gradual development of projects from the general cognitive “Switch on Ukraine” at the beginning of the national branding program, aimed at specific areas of life in Ukraine. Moving in the fast lane “in its final stage.

There is no doubt that the implementation of information campaigns and implementation of image projects in 2011 will become especially relevant in the context of preparations for the European Football Championship Euro 2012, the very fact of which in Ukraine will serve as a powerful impetus to improve the country’s reputation.

These information campaigns, as well as a set of image activities in preparation for Euro 2012, should be organically integrated into a large-scale comprehensive program to improve Ukraine’s international image.

The main task of the whole complex of branding projects is to convey to the world audience the fundamental philosophical principle of the Ukrainian nation and state, the idea of ​​openness. The perception of the world of Ukraine as, first of all, a state open to cooperation and partnership, and Ukrainians as a nation open to participation in global social processes, should be the end result of measures to create a new image of Ukraine. Thus, the philosophy of openness is the main subtext and central leitmotif of the proposed comprehensive branding strategy of Ukraine.

Information campaign: “Ukraine. Beautifully yours »
The purpose of the project
Acquaintance of Europe and the world with the tourist and cultural potential of Ukraine through modern Ukrainian women, talented, self-sufficient and successful representatives of Ukrainian society, who are known and loved in Ukraine. The information campaign is designed to refute the common stereotype about Ukraine as a country of sex tourism, improve the image of the state and positively influence the development of its tourism sector.

The project will consist of a series of videos, the main characters of which will be famous Ukrainian singers. In particular, Gaitana, Ani Lorak, Alyosha, Jamala, Tina Karol and Vera Bzherneva will be involved in the project.

In each video, one of the singers will act as a “virtual guide” who will show foreign viewers interesting tourist destinations and routes, as well as tell about the fascinating pages of national history and culture.

At the end of each story, the presenter will sing the slogan of the campaign “Ukraine, beautifully yours”.

Virtual travel to Ukraine will be created with the help of the latest computer technologies.

Alyosha will acquaint the world audience with the festival potential of modern Ukraine, which will not leave indifferent any fan of the most modern trends in world culture (eg GogolFest, Koktebel Jazz Festival) and fans of ethnic culture (eg International Hutsul Festival, Dreamland, Triplo, Artpole) .

Jamala will talk about opportunities for club recreation, which is gaining momentum every year and attracts more and more